Sunday, August 12, 2012

40 Chill out

For those who were asking, here's my process for this image :

1 - I start by doodling what's on my mind, how I feel, without thinking too much.
I usually don't like showing my sketches because they're very ugly and dirty most of the time.
But well the important thing is the ideas they inspire me afterwards.
2 - I chose to develop this little poop in the corner of the page because I found the posing was funny, stupid and sensual at the same time.
I like this combination.

3 - I isolate the sketch on a new document, enlarge it and rework it refining the shapes, detailing the expressions.
So it usually takes another rough drawing at least before I clean it.

4 - When I'm happy with the line version, I experiment with the colors in Photoshop. It's another long and hazardous process.
But I can't show you the process for the color because I suck at color! ^^

And voilà! Drunk and sensual, that's how I like my women!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure, you suck at colours!

Show us your colour process NAO!

chhuy-ing said...

Haha! You don't wanna see! :D
It's a lot of sweat and mud and dirt!

Dan Kershaw said...

Awesome post! Love the spaghetti sketch too

Piero said...

totally like it, I love see how other artists work!
Moar please! :D

Javi Recio said...

really incredible beautiful, your work always inspires me!

DanS said...

Love to see process stuff like this. I don't know what horrendous process you had to use to arrive at these colors but it worked. Super cute as always.

Shina said...

Wah trop bien ! je suis toujours en admiration devant ce genre de process, merci de partager ^^
J'adore la tête de la vieille pas contente :D

GeeBee said...

Tu as revu la Belle & le Clochard, avant d'aller au resto italien ? ;o)

Shawn Boyles said...

I love the step by step process. great shapes great lines, great art. thanks.

João said...


C.Deboda said...

This is great to see! Thanks for sharing. :)

Mila Merlo said...

Awesome post, I love it!

33bbhair33 said...


Genevieve FT said...

Génial ! J'adore voir l'évolution ^-^! Tes couleurs sont magnifiques, comme d'habitude !


Javi Montes said...

Thanks for sharing your illustration process!

I like to see that even though it's clear the use of at least two sketches, your final art is really fresh.

and I'd love to see that dirty color process too;D

Toktokada said...

nice !

Horoscope said...

I found your site very beautiful and elegant too. Thank you for your good work and continue.

Anonymous said...

Quel brush utilises-tu pour avoir un si beau rendu?! *___*

Ying-Hsuan Chen said...

I looove your colours tho:)
They make you relax and happy.

shamil said...

nice ....

Vente appartement marrakech said...

Nice work! Keep sharing

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