Tuesday, November 27, 2012

20 Shoe designs

Impression vs. reality.


Genevieve FT said...

J'adore tes illustrations ! <3

Nhim said...

si simple mais si élégant. je suis en amour avec ton style.

'xou said...

Trop coolos \o/ as usual

Klaas said...

Love it!
Do you allways make your drawings on your acer tablet?

I'm thinking about buying one myself - with Sai tools on it.
Now I'm working on a mac with photoshop& Illustrator.


chhuy-ing said...

Merzi merzi !

Klaas :Careful my tablet is an ASUS Eee Slate EP121. And yes I mainly sketch and draw on it now. Can't work without it anymore.

chhuy-ing said...

But still, can't work without my mac and Photoshop and a wacom tablet too for colouring and checking the colors.

Christopher said...

Love your drawings!!

kalonji said...

tu fais plaisir copine ^^!

George – miami signs said...

Very cool work, I think your images really get the message across. I have a great admiration for artists, and the fact that yo can apply your skills to almost anything is priceless. Designs are a great tool if you are in marketing and having great designs can make or brake your business.

chhuy-ing said...

Wééé Jp dans la place !!! :)

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citation said...

Magnifique illustration, bonne continuation

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