Friday, December 30, 2011

13 2011

Quick! A character design test and one last post before saying goodbye to 2011!
Hoping the new year to come will be more productive and inspiring for me. Thanks for your interest despite my infrequent posts. Next year won't be the same.
Less questionings, more initiatives! Have a great New Year's Eve!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 Tokyo Caffes

Above my first drawing entirely made on my Asus and SketchBook Pro!
Most of my time in Japan at the moment is spent in caffes, and they're mainly smoking areas!! Except for the passive smoking part and the smell of cigarette all over my clothes, I kinda like the quite and studious atmosphere in there. Lots of Japanese work, study or sleep in caffes. And with my new tablet-pc, I'm the queen of the world!! Future is in my hands and it fits in my bag! :)


En ce moment, ce que je vois du Japon, ce sont surtout les cafés, majoritairement fumeurs !! Mis à part les méfaits du tabagisme passif sur ma santé et le parfum de cigarette dont je m'imprègne par la suite, j'aime l'ambiance calme et studieuse qui y règne en générale. Beaucoup de Japonais viennent y travailler en fait, étudier ou même dormir. Et avec ma nouvelle tablette, I'm the queen of the world!! Le futur est entre mes mains et il tient dans mon sac ! :)