Saturday, July 28, 2012

19 Dead power supply

When this happens to me at the very beginning of a tight schedule project!... ;_;

I got so used to draw on my tablet I really panicked. I've made it though, the traditional way (cheap paper and dusty scanner).
And finally after all the work has been handed, yesterday I received a brand new ac adapter as my Asus luckily was still under guarantee.
Crazy last 10 days! @_@

Sunday, July 15, 2012

45 Reality

Had this image in mind after watching Crazy, Stupid, Love. But I think it can go with this song too, by Vladimir Cosma (on the link below).
But one of his composition that truly makes me wanna burst into tears is from the movie La Chèvre (last link below again) that I haven't seen.

Je pense aussi que mon image irait bien avec cette chanson :D :

Vladimir Cosma, s'il vous plaît ! Par contre une de ses compositions qui me met vraiment les larmes aux yeux (alors que je ne connais pas le film) :