Sunday, August 12, 2012

43 Chill out

For those who were asking, here's my process for this image :

1 - I start by doodling what's on my mind, how I feel, without thinking too much.
I usually don't like showing my sketches because they're very ugly and dirty most of the time.
But well the important thing is the ideas they inspire me afterwards.
2 - I chose to develop this little poop in the corner of the page because I found the posing was funny, stupid and sensual at the same time.
I like this combination.

3 - I isolate the sketch on a new document, enlarge it and rework it refining the shapes, detailing the expressions.
So it usually takes another rough drawing at least before I clean it.

4 - When I'm happy with the line version, I experiment with the colors in Photoshop. It's another long and hazardous process.
But I can't show you the process for the color because I suck at color! ^^

And voilĂ ! Drunk and sensual, that's how I like my women!