Tuesday, December 13, 2005

5 Super Noodle!


Edcooper_art said...

hi chhuy,

Ive just found your blog! - really nice stuff, especially the life drawing! - Im going to do another term of life drawing evening classes after xmas! - Ill try and put a few on my blog! - anyway I'll stick you on my favorites!

have you got any sketch book stuff? - even your life drawings seem really crisp, do you not use a sketchy construction and then rub out or draw them straight off??



chhuy-ing said...

Thanks a lot ed. I do have construction lines but they are very very light, plus I boost a little bit the contrasts so that's why you may think there aren't any :)

donnachada said...

really wonderful illustrations on your blog. You've got such a nice touch.

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Anonymous said...

if anyone knows somewhere that I can do an evening/weekend life drawing class in Paris, I would hugely appreciate a quick email; maccerpops@hotmail.co.uk